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Make Exercise About Quality, Not Quantity

Aug 5, 2019

Trying to keep up with a workout schedule and a healthy lifestyle can be time-consuming work, right? If you’ve been trying to perfectly balance your free time AND manage to get an effective workout, 9Round is the solution to your struggles. Spoiler alert: it’s about quality over quantity!

In a recent study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, researchers found that it’s not necessarily about how often you hit the gym, but instead, they suggest focusing on the volume and intensity of your workouts while you’re there (Campbell 2018). What exactly does it mean to focus on the “volume” or “intensity” of a workout at 9Round? Volume, in this case, is how many reps and sets of an exercise you can do within the allotted 30 minutes that make up a complete 9Round circuit. The intensity of a workout is how hard you push yourself. By nature, 9Round pushes you to exercise more vigorously than your average, non-guided workout.

Before we delve into measuring volume and intensity, let’s take a closer look at the study to talk about the science behind it all. Researchers focused on two groups of men: one group worked out six times a week, while the other group only worked out three times a week. Both groups performed the same exercises at the same volume and intensity. After six weeks of these workouts, both groups had nearly identical results in increased strength, muscle growth, and fat loss, despite one group getting three fewer workouts per week than the other. Read: you can finally stop stressing over going to the gym every single day because missing a few days per week won’t cause you to lose out on the ability to get results!

While this conclusion theorizes that volume and intensity should be your primary focus of a workout regimen, this doesn’t mean one 9Round sweat sesh’ a month will cut it! You should still aim for at least three 9Round workouts per week. This is a sustainable goal that won’t exhaust your body, and like the study suggests, with this frequency, you’ll still have the opportunity to make strides toward your fitness goals.

Since you’ll be paying attention to volume and intensity during your workouts, rather than how often you break a sweat at the gym, the question of how to measure these new aspects still stands.

When you focus on nailing proper form and maintaining the speed at which you’re performing exercises, you might notice that they are a little more rigorous. And, because a trainer is always included at 9Round, they’ll make sure you’re getting the most out of your workout by motivating you to keep throwing rapid-fire punches. With their guidance, you’ll exercise more efficiently as opposed to feeling distracted if you went to a gym on your own. Utilizing your time wisely with high-intensity compound exercises is how 9Round offers a killer workout in only 30 minutes, instead of requiring hours at the gym. To help you measure your intensity level, 9Round locations have in-club monitors that display your effort level in real-time, when you’re wearing your PULSE heart rate monitor. This allows both you and your trainer to know when you should work harder, or when you might need a breather.

To sum it all up, research suggests that hitting the gym every day won’t necessarily get us closer to our fitness goals than a less frequent training plan. What you can do is push yourself to get the most effective workout possible while you’re there, like aiming for more reps or sets during each round or staying in your ideal heart rate zone. With this knowledge (and extra time on your hands), keep kickin’, 9Round Nation!

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