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But First, Pre-Workout!

Written by Heather Hudson, Jan 12, 2018

Commonly Asked Questions About Pre-Workout Supplements

What is it?
Pre-workout (PW) is simply a supplement that you take prior to a workout to enhance your ability during the activity.


How Does It Work?
Most PW formulas have the caffeine equivalent to a cup of coffee. Caffeine can often get a bad rap. However, unless you have a medical reason to avoid it, it’s got some great qualities:

  • metabolism booster
  • an energy boost, which can help you burn 15% more calories than a workout without first taking caffeine
  • it’s a nice little antioxidant!

The other ingredients in PW formulas are often various vitamins, with a concentration of the B-vitamins which again, give little kicks of energy and antioxidant bursts. These are in smaller doses and have benefits similar to that of a multi-vitamin.

But the good stuff, and often higher doses, are of ingredients like: L-Arginine and Beta-Alanine. In the simplest of terms, these ingredients help open the blood vessels sooner than they would on their own and assist the muscles into ‘feeling’ like they aren’t exhausted as quickly.

Obviously, this just means you’ll feel stronger and not get as fatigued as fast during your workout.


When Should I Take Pre-Workout?   
If your PW is a powder, like 9Round Pre-Workout, then it is going to get into your bloodstream much faster than a capsule or pill and so, I take mine when I park in the parking lot of 9Round. By the time I’m inside and my hands are wrapped and I’m ready to go, so are my blood vessels! (Insert primal war cry here.)

Most pre-workout formulas have little to no calories (i.e. 5) which make them a great go to for a burst of energy when you just aren’t feeling it and no guilt afterwards. It also eliminates the need to carry an espresso machine in your car a similar effect. Can you say, inconvenient??

Our new 9Round Pre-Workout is Fruit Punch flavored with just 5 calories and no sugar. You can take ½ scoop or a whole scoop; your choice. 9Round Pre-Workout is available for purchase NOW in 9Round locations near you, or buy it online here.